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Fee Structures


We are acutely aware that construction is expensive and will work with you to define a scope of work and fee structure that suits your needs and budget. There are several ways to structure a fee. The fee for our services can be based on a lump sum, set dollar amount per square foot of building, hourly rates, or a percentage of the construction cost.

A Lump Sum Fee would be determined based on the complexity of the project and the defined scope of services. As long as the scope of services does not change drastically, the fee will not as well. Lump sum fees provide you with a predictable fee without unexpected surprises requesting additional fees. You will have the comfort of knowing all of the services contracted without wondering if a phone call or meeting will cause additional fees.

A set Fee per Square Foot would again be based on the complexity of the project and the defined scope of services however, the complexity of a 30,000 square foot office building is not much different than a 50,000 square foot version of the same building. The additional 20,000 square feet would add fees,  but would not necessarily mean a corresponding increase in quality of service based on the natural complexity of the building.

Fees based on Hourly Rates are an option at the your preference. This may not be the best option for you when we are acting as your representative. However, there may be circumstances where an hourly fee is appropriate.

A fee for services based on a Percentage of the Construction Cost is discouraged. There is an inherent incentive for the cost of construction to remain high. Which we believe is a disservice to you. Even if the percentage is based on the savings created, there is an incentive to have a high initial cost of construction which could open the door for inflated fees for our services.

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